Sanitary and building technology

Differentiated products for different market needs worldwide

German sanitary and building technology is used worldwide. Export quotas by German manufacturers up to 80 percent, document the success of market-focused products, whereby the market demand can vary greatly.

The local German market is the reference market for a responsible product range from the German sanitary and building engineering suppliers.

Water in Germany

More than 80 percent of available freshwater resources in Germany go unused. Every German can rely on a daily average of 6,263 liters. But Germans use only 121 liters. In contrast to many other countries, Germany does not suffer from a shortage of water.

In spite of this, the German sanitary and building engineering industry has for a long time worked at focusing its product mix on the different international demands for sustainable bathroom solutions. Without compromising comfort. This is clearly documented by declining water consumption in Germany in recent years.

Water consumption in German households has fallen by 17 per cent since 1990 thanks to innovative sanitary technology.

Over the above period, the bathroom has changed radically – having been a clinical wet room in has morphed into a livingroom bath in which the use of water has become a truly emotional experience.