Man and Water

An emotional connection

Since the very beginning of life on Earth ist has been the source of countless myths and has kept us alive. From the Roman thermal baths to the traditional Muslim hamam, bathing has always been a ritual of communication with higher powers. How times have changed…

One thing remains: We feel good in water. We breath deeper and our heart beats slower. The world seems to turn quiet and our inner voice becomes louder. Outside boundaries fade away. We immerse ourselves deep in the living world of the bath.

The fact is that an increasing number of people attach great value to maintaining a physical and mental balance. And today that is something they often find when in the bathroom. Over the course of recent decades, the image of the bathroom has morphed from that of a standard bathroom unit into a living space. Now, it not only meets the basic requirements of bodily hygiene – it has equally become a place of relaxation and peace as well as inspiration.

The design and ergonomic functions are merely the things that immediately catch the eye. There is far more to the fittings, washbasins, bathtubs and shower trays: namely, well-thought-out technology that harmonized with today’s individual needs and a consciousness that has made the special relationship between humans and water the yardstick of all things.