You can plan for drinking water hygiene.
With the help of the right professional partner.
Proper water quality is essential.

The quality of drinking water in Germany is good. To prevent this quality being lost in the last few metres before it reaches our homes, new construction and renovation work must be planned professionally, use the right materials and be installed professionally. Trained planners and specialist craftsmen are your competent partners for all aspects of drinking water quality.

The sanitation manufacturers that belong to the Blue Responsibility initiative offer products and solutions that ensure drinking water remains high-quality. As a consequence, our water remains a pleasure to drink.

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Smart sanitary technology provides top level performance.
Less water. Less energy. More comfort.
Guilt-free enjoyment of water.

Drinking water is precious. The manufacturers that belong to the Blue Responsibility initiative develop sanitation products that are designed to provide as much water as necessary, but consume as little as possible.

Intelligent warm water management systems cut energy consumption. That's good for the environment and climate change. As a result, the refreshing taste of water can be enjoyed without concern. After all, water promotes health and has a rejuvenating effect on the body and soul.

About us

Around the globe, the responsible use of water is one of the most important goals of our time. The German sanitation industry is aware of this. It therefore offers a wide variety of technical solutions that use water responsibly and meet the demands for sustainable approaches. 

As a sector-specific initiative, we provide information about all aspects of sustainable sanitation solutions, e.g. efficient drinking water use, drinking water hygiene and innovative, timeless bathroom designs while at the same time showcasing the expertise of the German sanitation industry in the realm of sustainable sanitation solutions. Blue Responsibility represents 14 leading brand-name manufacturers.

Individual bathrooms require expertise -
expertise which industry, retail and crafts offer.
Retailers and craftsmen at your service.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect bathroom. It takes a skilled partner with plenty of know-how to plan and build a bathroom that meets your every need. The manufacturers that belong to the Blue Responsibility initiative offer innovative and individual solutions.

Retailers and craftsmen provide competent advice, while trained installers realise the bathing world of your dreams. This partnership creates individual and sustainable bathrooms that remain attractive for a long time.

Water know-how

Using water responsibly and wanting bathrooms to be places of rest and relaxation are not mutually exclusive.

By adopting high technical standards and orienting ourselves to the challenges of our age, we can combine apparent contradictions like comfortable bathrooms, demanding design and the responsible use of natural resources for Mankind’s benefit 

Thinking ahead means acting in sustainable ways.
Using future-proof product solutions.
Considering the future – today.

Acting sustainably means being able to offer future generations at least the same resources as we have today. That’s why the sanitation manufacturers that belong to the Blue Responsibility initiative think ahead,

using their know-how about materials, technology and design to offer products and solutions that work reliably for many years while remaining attractive. And having the least possible impact on the environment. That makes bathing fun.

Premium design creates new opportunities.
For more comfort, convenience and peace of mind.
Comfort and safety for every age.

As we grow and age, our needs, requirements and wishes for bathrooms change. Thinking and planning ahead therefore pays off, by taking account of the elements that will keep your bathroom a fun place to be in every phase of your life.

The sanitation manufacturers that belong to the Blue Responsibility initiative develop and produce solutions that enable comfortable, easy use for many while remaining attractive. Bathrooms thus provide sustainable added value at every stage of our lives.


Blue Responsibility is the umbrella term under which the German sanitation industry informs about every aspect of sustainable sanitation solutions. Involvement in Blue Responsibility is an expression of a common understanding about how to use natural resources responsibly.

The three pillars of sustainability – economical, ecological and social – are firmly rooted in the corporate philosophies of the brand-name manufacturers united under this initiative.

The German sanitary industry assumes responsibility.
For sustainable and future-proof drinking water supply.
Enough water for all.

Clean drinking water for all the world's people is still not a given. One person in nine on our planet does not have access to clean drinking water. Some countries have more than they need, while others suffer water shortages. The members of the Blue Responsibility initiative are aware of this. That’s why their innovative sanitation solutions ensure that this scarce resource is used sustainably around the globe.

The German sanitation and building technology industry has long been adapting its range of products to meet internationally differing demands for sustainable sanitation solutions. Amongst other things, this is confirmed by the fact that water consumption has been decreasing for years in Germany and elsewhere. And yet comfort and convenience have remained unchanged.