Digital drinking water taps

Intelligent products demonstrate the innovative strength of brand manufacturers. 


Today, taps can do much more than "just" deliver water, control its distribution and ensure safety. They are digital high-tech products that impressively demonstrate the innovative power of their manufacturers. Networked with each other and controllable via smartphone, the flow rates and temperatures of bathroom, washbasin and kitchen taps can be controlled centrally. In addition, taps in conjunction with hygienic flushing systems enable the regular flushing of the drinking water installation, even when the house is not in use. In this way, the products not only contribute significantly to efficiency but also to hygiene. This is because if the water in the pipes stagnates, biofilms can form in the pipes, providing a suitable breeding ground for germs and bacteria.


The new video shows what other advantages digital drinking water taps have and how they can make life easier, safer and more pleasant:


Source: VDMA