ISH 2019: Valve industry on course for the future

ISH will take place from 11 to 15 March in Frankfurt. . VDMA Valves focuses on the top themes of intelligent water management systems, clean drinking water and energy efficiency and the performance of the German building valves industry in terms of innovation, safety and sustainability.

An intelligently networked home, in which all functions of the drinking water installation from the building connection to the bathroom can be controlled via smartphone or computer, is increasingly the customer's requirement. The private sector is thus following the trend towards "digitisation", which has already found its way into public facilities such as hotels or office buildings with intelligent drinking water systems. An automatic water management system ensures optimum drinking water hygiene and at the same time provides more comfort and safety. In this area, digital transformation is creating completely new opportunities for our brand manufacturers to further develop their products.

Digital Technologies

Thanks to digital technologies, the handling of drinking water will become even more efficient and safer. The Internet of Things, in which devices, machines and systems are networked, is an important driver of product development. The main role in leakage protection, water treatment and hygiene control is played by intelligent fittings that communicate with each other and with other components and are centrally controlled.

But digitalization is also associated with individualization. In terms of the bathroom, this means above all an increase in comfort. Some valve manufacturers will be presenting this at the ISH in various forms, appealing to all the senses.

After all, not only are the products increasingly digital, marketing is also becoming more digital. Social media use in marketing results in more direct contacts with end customers. We expect the competitive environment to change accordingly by welcoming new market players.

Focus on "inner quality"

With all their focus on connectivity, brand manufacturers naturally continue to focus on the "inner qualities" of their products. The shiny surfaces conceal materials that ensure that no substances are released into the drinking water in quantities that are hazardous to health. Corrosion resistance and strength are only two requirements that are met. The brand manufacturers have know-how at their disposal through decades of research and development work. The latest findings from materials research and the latest legislative requirements are also taken into account. The manufacturers not only have the German, but also the European specifications in mind, which are becoming more and more demanding. The Drinking Water Directive, the REACH chemicals regulation and numerous other regulations are virtually creating a jungle of requirements that companies are making intensive use of.


In view of increased industry requirements in the area of sustainability, the European sanitary and heating fittings industry continues to rely on its labels. WELL (Water Efficiency Label) and TELL (Thermostatic Efficiency Label). The labels focus on the consumer, because they offer an optimal orientation aid for a conscious purchase and investment decision. In addition, as part of the Blue Responsibility initiative, our brand manufacturers are now presenting the numerous aspects of their sustainable products and services for the tenth time.