10 years of Blue Responsibility: German sanitaryware manufacturers are committed to sustainability

Since 2009, leading German brand manufacturers have been using the Blue Responsibility initiative to provide information on sustainable use of water as a resource. The focus is on topics such as drinking water hygiene, the use of environmentally friendly materials and innovative product developments.

With its Blue Responsibility initiative, founded in 2009, the German sanitary industry is facing up to its social obligation to use drinking water efficiently. It provides information on all facets of sustainable sanitary solutions, clarifies prejudices on the subject of water saving and underlines the know-how of the German sanitary industry. Blue Responsibility is aimed directly at end consumers and political decision-makers, but also at architects, planners and plant operators as well as wholesalers and craftsmen. Blue Responsibility is currently backed by 14 leading German brand manufacturers.

The German sanitary industry assumes responsibility

Blue Responsibility is an expression of the ecological and economic sense of responsibility of the German sanitary industry, which confirms its international pioneering role not least through convincing life cycle assessments in production. By selecting and using the appropriate raw materials at all stages of the production process and by ensuring that their products are highly recyclable, manufacturers ensure that their environmental impact is as low as possible. The use of advanced technologies and the development of long-lasting products also contribute to preserving value and saving considerable amounts of water. In addition, they promote and facilitate hygiene, health and well-being.

Clever sanitation technology: drinking water hygiene before water saving

With their sanitary products, the manufacturers of the Blue Responsibility initiative aim to use as much water as necessary but as little as possible. In view of Germany's high drinking water reserves, saving water is not absolutely necessary and can even have a negative impact on water quality. This is because it requires a certain line flow to prevent the formation of biofilms. Sustainability in the use of drinking water therefore means, above all with clever sanitary technology, ensuring drinking water hygiene in the long term in order to benefit from impeccable water quality in the future.

Acting sustainably with future-proof product solutions

In order to make at least the same resources available to future generations, the sanitary manufacturers of the Blue Responsibility initiative act with foresight: with their know-how in terms of materials, technology and design, they offer environmentally friendly products and solutions that are reliable and attractive over many years. Public awareness of sustainable sanitation solutions has been heightened by the information and education campaign Blue Responsibility for 10 years - with a clear view into the future.