The Burgbad Sanctuary

Nature and man in perfect symbiosis. A long-cherished dream which burgbad approached with „The burgbad sanctuary“ project during the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2008. The project will tell the story of the threat put on the existence of (not only) exotic plants – and the extraordinary dedication of leading gardening experts who made it possible to save them and at the same time to preserve the groundwater table.
Two of these extraordinary men – James Wong and David Cubero – are also the creators of the burgbad sanctuary. With some of the scarcest, partly already forgotten features of flora and stylish burgbad furniture, they composed a harmonic symphony of enchanting colours and shapes. The result was a unique garden spa in which one virtually wants to become immersed in. An homage to the fascinating plant life on earth. And an appeal to protect it.
The burgbad sanctuary won out of 50 theme gardens the Silver Medal of the Show & Water Garden Awards.


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