Dealing responsibly with water is one of the most important global aims of the 21.th century. The German manufacturers of sanitary products are aware of this and provides diverse technical solutions that do justice to these aims and the claim to be sustainable. High technical standards and a focus on the challenges of our times boil purported contradictions – such as a bathroom habitat, pleasing design and dealing with natural resources responsibly – down to a common denominator, namely people.

Drinking water quality and bathroom architecture in demographic change are the TOP issues of the Blue Responsibility initiative. By using the two logos under the menu item "Service" you will be immediately directed to the information services.


    German sanitary manufacturers: don't let the UBA list scare you

    Frankfurt am Main, 24 July 2014 - The selection of suitable materials is one of the most important aspects of sustainabl...

    Solutions without rims or joints for more hygiene in bathrooms

    Frankfurt am Main, 22 July 2014 - In addition to dirt-repellent materials and contactless trigger mechanisms in bathroom...

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